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Long Island Lumberjack provides all residential and commercial tree-related services. Our residential tree services work year-round in Nassau and Suffolk counties and include home tree trimming, large and small stump grinding, land clearing and maintenance, root removal, retaining wall and landscape design as well as tree damage risk assessments. We are also available 24/7/365 for emergency storm damage.  

Lumberjack Tales: Tree Advice And Ideas

Beautiful fall foliage is the result of fastidious tree care. While we’re still at the height of summer, a fall tree care plan is essential to ensure your trees thrive in the fall and are ready for winter. This article will tell you what tree care you should do from September through November. Prepare Your […]

Stress is as bad for trees as it is for people. Call (631) 212-8250 and let Long Island Lumberjack handle your tree stress early! Don’t wait! Humans have something in common with trees. From how we use water and nutrients to keeping ourselves cool, we share more health systems than you might think. However, there […]

While your front lawn may not look like the above photo, there are several signs that it’s time to trim your trees. But do you know what they are? Weak branches, excess growth, deadwood, and uneven development are some signs you need to have your trees trimmed. These conditions can be dangerous and can also […]

In your quest to save, it could cost you more in terms of injuries and property damage. Trying the DIY route is not uncommon for many people who want to remove trees from their property. But they do so at significant risk to their safety and property. In this post, we discuss some situations where […]

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, September is the most common month for hurricanes to make U.S. landfall. But severe storms and tornadoes appear around the country in early summer, so it is important to take steps now to be prepared for storm season. Long Islanders know how severe hurricanes and summer storms […]

If you’ve recently looked at your property, perhaps you’ve noticed that some trees are taller than what’s acceptable to you and your neighborhood or HOA. It’s time to do something about them before they outgrow their allotted space. Your primary question is, how will you be able to safely cut down the tree to an […]