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Spring Tree Maintenance Tips

Spring Yard Maintenance

Spring is officially here! At Long Island Lumberjack, spring is our most anticipated season. There are so many things happening in the world of trees including tree pruning, regrowth, pest management, mulching and soil improvement. Want to know more about what to look for in your yard? Check out our handy spring checklist to get you and your yard back on track after a long cold winter… Unsure of how to take care of your trees and shrubs once they start to bud? Here is a short checklist for spring. It is an excellent time to:

  • Check for increased pest activity — spring is the time when pests emerge, so it is important to look out for any significant changes to your trees and shrubs.
  • Do a spring cleaning. Make sure wood chips aren’t piled on the trunks of your trees or shrubs and weed near your plants
  • Consider the tiny creatures. Wait until the average temperature is over 50° before you deadhead flowers or remove last year’s plant debris. Many beneficial insects overwinter on dead plants.
  • Look for dead or dying branches. These are easier to spot once plants start to leaf out — prune as needed.
  • Start a compost pile. If you don’t already have one, it’s easy to build a simple frame using pallets or scrap wood. Start the pile with the spring cleaning material!
  • Feed the soil! Add organic matter like compost or leaves to your soil instead of chemical inputs. Avoid traditional fertilizers.
  • Refresh and replenish wood chips.
  • Attract pollinators like birds, butterflies, and bees to your yard.
  • Install birdhouses and birdbaths. Plant native wildflowers. Make a DIY bee hotel out of scraps of wood and bamboo.
  • Begin to treat emerging insects — not all insects need to be treated, but many have a small window of time to
  • get under control. Don’t wait to treat.
  • Call us to schedule a spring inspection of your large trees.