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What Is A Tree Surgeon?

What Do You Do Exactly?

We are tree surgeons (for the most part) and that is a professional who specializes in the care and maintenance of trees. Our primary role is to ensure the health, safety and aesthetic appeal of trees. Here are some of the tasks typically performed by a tree surgeon:

Pruning: Tree surgeons prune trees to remove dead, damaged or diseased branches. We also shape the tree to enhance its appearance and promote healthy growth.

Tree Removal: When a tree poses a safety risk or is no longer viable, a tree surgeon may be called upon to safely remove it. We use specialized equipment and techniques to fell the tree and ensure that it doesn’t cause any damage to surrounding structures.

Tree Planting: Tree surgeons assist in tree planting initiatives by selecting suitable tree species for specific environments and ensuring proper planting techniques are followed.

Tree Maintenance: We provide ongoing care to trees, which may involve fertilizing, watering and protecting them from pests and diseases. We may also provide advice on tree care practices to property owners.

Tree Health Assessment: Tree surgeons assess the health of trees, looking for signs of disease, pests or structural issues. We can diagnose problems and recommend appropriate treatment or management strategies.

Tree Preservation: In urban areas or construction sites, tree surgeons play a vital role in preserving valuable trees. We develop strategies to protect trees during construction activities, such as installing root barriers and implementing pruning practices to minimize damage.

Emergency Tree Services: In the event of storms, high winds or other emergencies, tree surgeons are often called upon to assess and mitigate tree damage. We may remove fallen or hazardous limbs, stabilize damaged trees or perform emergency tree removal.

Tree surgeons require specialized knowledge and training in tree biology, pruning techniques, climbing and the safe operation of equipment such as chainsaws and wood chippers. We often work outdoors, at varying heights and may collaborate with landscape architects, property owners or local authorities to ensure the well-being of trees in their care.